Stacked Stone Melbourne

Craftstoneoz’s stacked stone veneer’s natural beauty goes hand-in-hand with creative inspiration. Our stacked stone textures and colours can be used in virtually endless combinations. The result – countless opportunities to enhance an architectural or design project with a signature look.

Stacked Stone is a practical way to achieve a custom look. Small-scale, low-relief stones are professionally fitted to form modular components of equal heights. The component pieces feature a interlooking mortar groove for a secure adhesion without grouted joints.

With modular heights of 10cm and in various lenghts of 20cm, 30cm and 50cm, craftstone stacked stone offers quick and easy installation. Including corner profiles with the same modular heights stacked stone is ideal for pier and column projects.

Stacked stone is available throughout Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. with our comprehensive distribution network a showroom will not be far away.

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